A new superior sound is making waves! Nexaiõn Audio is set on leading the way in the field of consumer audio products.

Nexaiõn is a word assembled from the Greek words Neos, Ex, Aion and Audio forming the notion Audio for a New Era. True to our name we deliver leading edge audio products with stunning visual appeal.

Get ready to enjoy the next generation of exceptional, high-fidelity audio and home theatre products.

Nexaiõn Audio offers a complete line of audio electronics including preamplifiers, audio processors, CD and DVD players. Innovation-driven, Nexaiõn Audio strives to offer more products unique in design and technology. The new audio power amplifier is just that. Based on innovative circuit topology, it completely dispenses with the principles of global voltage feedback so common in today's amplifiers. This new circuitry offers an evolutionary approach to the task of driving loudspeakers and translates into superior sonic properties.


Mr. Pascal-Simon Houle
Founder and CEO of Nexaiõn Audio, Mr. Houle manages all corporate aspects of Nexaiõn Audio's business. A Laval University alumnus, Mr. Houle received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in electrical engineering in 1990 and a Master's Degree in electrical engineering in 1993. Given his background in electrical engineering, Mr. Houle is also involved in all aspects of the technological developments of the company.

Mr. Gaetan Bernier
As head of Nexaiõn Audio's R&D Department, Mr. Bernier works closely with Mr. Houle on R&D. After receiving a Technical Degree in Electronics in 1984, Mr. Bernier segued into a position as Electronics Technician at Laval University's Electrical Engineering Department. He was assigned to the L.E.E.P.C.I. laboratory that specializes in high power/high voltage electronics applications but especially electronic motor drives and controls.

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