Nexaiõn Audio will be able to compete very favorably on the basis of sound engineering, design, attention to detail and the use of a new circuit topology.

Not only will Nexaiõn Audio components sound better but they will also provide audio equipment consumers with tangible reasons to invest in a premium-priced unit that sets itself above the rest. Nexaiõn Audio knows the importance of design in audio products. For this reason, we break from the traditional "rack-mount box design" in favor of a slimmer more elegant look that better suits the home environment. To be officially launched later this year, this esthetically-pleasing design departs from the conventional "boxy" approach to packaging a power amplifier. The new look incorporates classic lines into a modernized design. Nexaiõn's power amplifiers, loudspeakers and other components will also sport the new updated look.

Nexaiõn Audio is committed to simplifying the shopping experience by helping consumers make an enlightened choice when buying audio equipment.

Nexaiõn Audio's superior audio equipment will clearly be the choice.


Our BIA series reflects the attributes of the Greek mythological figure it's named for; a blend of power, beauty and elegance entwined to create a rich listening experience. For the stereo audiophile and the multi-channel home theatre buff it means a fast and powerful bass, a full-bodied mid-range and soft, precise high frequencies. Using the best and latest technology, the BIA series represents the pinnacle in the art of sound.

Available in three power ratings: 75WRMS, 150WRMS, 250WRMS

Three different configurations:

  • Single channel mono
  • 2-channel, true dual-mono
  • 3-channel, true triple-mono

A lighter 5-channel version available for tighter spaces.

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Symbiosis occurs when two elements are in perfect balance. Our Symbion amplifier and receiver achieve that delicate union. The Symbion series features two models with power ratings of 75WRMS, 150WRMS and a full-feature, 5-channel home theatre receiver with 750WRMS of available power.

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Our evolutionary pre-amplifiers and home theatre processors are deservedly named after the Greek Goddess of dawn and new beginnings. Benefiting from the new circuit topology developed by Nexaiõn Audio, our pre-amp and pre-amp sections feature fast response, high slew rate and large bandwidth for exceptional sound. The processors feature: Dolby Digital®, Dolby Pro Logic®, DTS or other surround processing decoding and are fully user-upgradable whenever possible.

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Nexaiõn Audio plans on launching a complete line of loudspeakers for both audio and home theatre uses.

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