The cornerstone of Nexaiõn Audio's products is a truly new power amplifier using innovative circuit topology. Not an adaptation of an existing design, it offers exceptional performance on par with the best and most expensive units on the market today. This new circuitry offers an evolutionary approach to the task of driving loudspeakers and translates into superior sonic properties, dispensing with the principles of global voltage feedback, common in today's amplifiers.

Most of the transistor amplifiers available today are, for the most part, variations of older circuits that originated in the 1970's. Using the same basic circuit topology, featuring slight modifications in the input, output or gain stages, most audio power amplifiers are discrete copies of monolithic voltage feedback operational amplifiers like the 4136 or the famous 741, but somewhat scaled down to reduce the transistor count and price.

Some of the higher priced units on the market do achieve some remarkable performances through the use of some clever design techniques but at the expense of greatly increased circuit complexity.

When one reads the technical documentation that accompanies audio power amplifiers, they all start to sound very much alike. Most manufacturers would like the consumer to believe that their equipment is better based solely on the care and attention to detail that goes into the construction of the amplifier. Some try to set their components apart from the competition by virtue of the number of output transistors, or by the amount of filtration and power reserve of their power supply. Some even credit the use of some brand of resistors, capacitors or "pseudo-proprietary" output devices to explain the superior sonic quality of their amplifier. Better and stricter component selection and increased power supply reserve have definite benefits but they are also receiving too much unmerited hype. At the end of the day all these systems basically rely on the same voltage feedback design that originated in the 1970's.

Using an entirely new approach to building an amplifier, Nexaiõn Audio's amplifier topology is a fast amplifier coupled with a very large bandwidth creating exceptional sound quality as good as the best and higher-priced systems available today.

But having a good basic amplifier design does not guarantee that the final piece of equipment will perform to the original design expectations. Areas such as component selection, circuit board layout, high current wiring and thermal design must be considered carefully. Because of their background and practical experience Nexaiõn Audio engineers are well qualified to implement a quality amplifier.

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